A Peek into “PEAK”

A new program called “PEAK”– a Place for English Activities for Kids– has now officially begun its activities at AACI’s new Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center in Jerusalem. I had the pleasure of speaking to PEAK’s dynamic volunteer coordinator, Fonda Weiss, who has many original and creative ideas for ways to engage children and teenagers in unique English-speaking activities.

PEAK launched its activities on September 20th with a very successful Sukkot arts & crafts workshop with over 60 attendees, most of them visiting AACI for the first time. 


First PEAK event at AACI's Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center in Jerusalem

A number of junior and high school students were involved in guiding the younger kids, and in taking individual photos of the kids for future PEAK membership cards. A huge thank you to Fonda for her organization, and to all the volunteers who made the event such a success.

How does PEAK differ from regular after school activities? Fonda explains that she hopes for PEAK to establish a new paradigm, by creating a place and structure for kids to make decisions and take initiative in deciding what they want to do. Developing volunteer leaders to run activities is an important goal of PEAK. Fonda also wants to tap into the unique synergy which takes place when young children, youth and teenagers interact. Volunteers will participate in training sessions to develop their skills and confidence in working with children. An added bonus of volunteering with PEAK is the opportunity to meet other English speaking peers in Jerusalem and to make new friends.

Fonda has been conducting market research to discover the interests of Jerusalem youth. She envisions the creation of a clubhouse where kids of all ages will come together to put on shows, play games, share hobbies, dialogue, do projects, read and enjoy one another’s company.

Dates and times of PEAK events will be announced in future AACI e-newsletters and in “The Voice.”

How can you get involved?
• Adult volunteers are needed to join either a goal-setting “board” for PEAK, or a hands-on PEAK steering committee.
• Teenager volunteers are need to help run PEAK activities. Volunteers will be trained.
• The donation of a portable stereo system with CD player, double cassette player, USB port and speakers (to amplify into a crowded room) would be greatly appreciated for future PEAK activities.
• Donations for supporting PEAK activities are also welcome!

Fonda is considering changing the words behind PEAK to a Place for Expression & Action for Kids, and she welcomes your feedback.

To volunteer or for further information about PEAK, please contact Fonda Weiss at peak4kids@gmail.com.