L’hitraot from the Editor…

This is me!

This is me!

It’s been my privilege to work at AACI for nearly four years, getting to know English-speaking olim and visitors to Israel and helping them whenever possible. Sometimes my “help” was nothing more than a kind word or a few patient moments to connect with another human being. Sometimes I listened to a remembered anecdote. I made many friends among the wonderful people who are my colleagues on staff at the AACI as well as our amazing volunteers and our far-reaching membership. I loved to welcome friends from the “old country” when they arrived here in Israel.

But every now and then, a little voice says it’s time to move on to something different…

While at AACI, word got out that I love technology and that trouble-shooting problems and teaching people solutions is fun for me. So sometimes I went beyond my role as blog editor/social media coordinator (making videos for AACI) or development staff.

People started to ask me for help with:

an iPhone or other phone,

or a Kindle…

or someone’s email wasn’t letting them open an attachment,

or they were trying to use a list that had been created in Microsoft Word but they needed it in Microsoft Excel,

or they had a question and didn’t know how to search to find the answer,

or they needed to know how to view photographs that had been sent to them,

or their camera for their Skype connection wasn’t working and they couldn’t see their Mom, or their children

and on and on and on. Well, you get the picture. I became somewhat of a go-to person for tasks both technical and frustrating (for them).

And I was able to help a lot of people. 🙂

I taught an introductory course about facebook. And an introductory class about LinkedIn.

When someone would tell me, “That was so EASY!” it was music to my ears!

These experiences inspired me to start my own business which I am calling My Tech Tutor. My Tech Tutor is a way to reach out to people who don’t think everything is so easy when it comes to technology. Because you see, my Mother, of blessed memory, taught me that, “Everything’s EASY when you know how.”

So that’s my new goal, or so that little voice seems to think. To make it EASY for you. To teach you how. How to get more pleasure and productivity from today’s wonders in technology. To reduce the frustration, and YES! Make it fun. Because I think technology is fun and it is one of my greatest pleasures to share my enthusiasm and wonder and joy with you.

My departure is bittersweet because I have loved my time here with you at AACI, but I won’t be far away. I cherish my membership privileges at the AACI and may even offer a blogpost to you, dear readers, as time goes on. To the new blog editor, I wish you much success and continued growth in readership.

Shalom dear friends, l’hitraot, until we meet again. Please be in touch. You can reach me at techtutoril at gmail.com (My Tech Tutor in Israel).

Bryna Lee, My Tech Tutor Personalized training and assistance with your electronic devices. Empowering you to connect, have more fun, be more productive and efficient. My Tech Tutor – find me on facebook or on my soon to be constructed, brand-new website.

AACI is the home for English Speakers in Israel with offices in

Jerusalem, Netanya, Tel Aviv,  Beer Sheva and Haifa.

AACI Jerusalem – Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center

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Buses # 10, 21 & 49 stop on Pierre Koenig across from AACI; 71, 72, 74 & 75 stop at Tzomet Habankim, a 10-minute walk away.

(02) 566-1181 for more information about any programs or to register.


AACI VLOG – See You On July 4th in Jerusalem! – S01E08

AACI’s Annual July 4th/Canada Day Celebration & Yard Sale in Jerusalem!

Share the video and tag AACI on facebook for a chance to win a FREE book of Activity Tickets for the Fair.
(here are the instructions for how to tag us: https://www.facebook.com/help/2180271…
Look for AACI Israel https://www.facebook.com/#!/aaci.israel
or Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel https://www.facebook.com/AACIPage?ref=hl)
On July 4, 2013 16:00-19:30 at the Courtyard of Beit Yehudit, 12 Emek Refaim, in the German Colony Neighborhood of Jerusalem
Free parking and accessible by bus.
Get more details at http://tinyurl.com/AACIJuly4
Sign up for a table at the yard sale at http://tinyurl.com/yardsale
Buy raffle tickets to win a round-trip airfare for 2 to New York (not including taxes and fuel surcharges) at http://tinyurl.com/AACIraffle

AACI is the premier resource for English-speakers in Israel.
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AACI is celebrating July 4th/Canada Day

We're inviting you to participate on July 4th

We’re inviting you to participate on July 4th

AACI VLOG July 4th / Canada Day Celebration – Yard Sale and Raffle

There is still time to reserve your table at the AACI Yard Sale on July 4th in the German Colony in Jerusalem.
And time to buy your raffle tickets to win a chance for 2 round-trip tickets to New York.
For more information about July 4th…

Hope you enjoy the latest episode in the AACI VLOG.

Party Time! A Week of Celebration with AACI

They say the world is divided into two types of people – those who think the world is divided into two types of people and those who don’t.

This same theory could be applied to people living in Israel. There is one ideology that says we are all Israelis, and that immigrants should make every effort to fit in, by single-mindedly adopting the majority language and culture. Others believe that we olim can be committed to our chosen country, while still fondly remembering our former places of residence and some of our old customs.

It is in the spirit of the second school of thought that AACI is offering a week of exciting events to celebrate two national birthdays, Canada Day (July 1) and American Independence Day (July 4).

What an interesting line-up! Advertised as offering “something for everyone,” the celebration certainly lives up to its billing.

Sunday, July 1, Irwin Cotler, Justice and Human Rights critic for the Canadian Liberal party is speaking on “Freedom of Expression.”  What does a Canadian politician have to do with Israel? Well, for starters, his wife, Ariela, is a native Jerusalemite. In addition, Cotler has been working against anti-Semitism for years. In a speech before the Canadian House of Commons earlier this month, he called for a moment of silence at this summer’s Olympic Games in memory of the Israeli athletes z”l who were murdered at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Monday, July 2, we will celebrate the festive opening of a new art exhibit by Glen Shear, as part of AACI’s ongoing program of exhibitions in our Jerusalem headquarters, the Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center. His work crackles with the energy and color of American pop culture, featuring an occasional Israeli twist. http://www.gotshear.com

Tuesday, July 3 (note new date),  HaHafuch, Israel’s premier English-speaking comedy troupe, will present their zany take on the lighter side of living in Israel. A group of olim from around the world, these improv artists live their philosophy, “Israel is funny.”

Wednesday, July 4, is American movie night, with a screening of the classic Frank Capra film, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Starring that quintessentially American actor, Jimmy Stewart, this film, which describes one citizen’s effect on the American political system, was highly controversial when it was first released in 1939. Gary Levine will provide an informative introduction.

All events will be held at the AACI Jerusalem Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center.

For full details of times and prices, click here.

Well, it’s quite an eclectic schedule, but isn’t that as it should be? After all, we Israelis, olim and Sabras alike, are a very eclectic group — not just two types of people but many, all jumbled together in a colorful mosaic . And that’s what can make life in this country so much fun.

AACI Jerusalem – Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center, Pierre Koenig 37, corner of Poalei Tzedek 2, Talpiot    MAP
Buses # 21 & 49 stop on Pierre Koenig across from AACI; 71, 72, 74 & 75 stop  at Tzomet Habankim, a 10-minute walk away.
For information, please call (02)566-1181.

Choose your Destination!

Sales of raffle tickets for AACI’s annual travel sweepstakes are in full swing!
You should have received tickets in a recent edition of the VOICE, our semi-monthly magazine that reports all kinds of news and information about activities at AACI and so much more!
Is there a family member you would like to visit?
Are you running low on your stock of imported Ziploc bags or Starbucks coffee?
Have a craving for a particular meal back in the USA or Canada, but no money in the budget for an expensive ticket to North America?
For both new olim and long-time residents, budgeting for air travel is tough.

We have a wonderful solution…

AACI is pleased to partner once again with Ophir Tours for our

annual travel raffle!

The Grand Prize:

2 round-trip economy tickets to New York.

Second Prize:

Overnight for Two:

Take a break and get away for one night in a 4 star hotel in Israel.

And don’t forget, even if you never called New York home, New York City is surrounded by many airports (JFK, LGA, EWR) which make it just a hop, skip, and a jump from nearly anywhere your loved ones are in North America.
No time to travel anytime soon? Raffle tickets would make a great gift to show someone you care. All proceeds go to AACI in support of the programming we provide to YOU, our members!

Tickets are 25 NIS/each or 5 tickets for 115 NIS. Best value? 10 tickets for 200 NIS.

For more details or for ticket purchase, please call 02-566-1181 

Drawing will take place on July 4, 2011 at
AACI’s gala 4th of July festival in Kraft Stadium
…but wait…
…that’s not nearly all that will be happening on July 4th…
This year, American’s Independence Day is observed on Monday, July 4 and Canada Day is celebrated in Canada on Friday, July 1st. Here in Israel, AACI commemorates and celebrates both days with an annual picnic and gala. This year the fun takes place on July 4th  at Kraft Stadium.
Watch this space, read our e-newsletter and “like” our facebook page for more details about the event.
If you haven’t subscribed to our free e-newsletter yet, visit AACI’s website to sign up.
See you on July 4th at Kraft Stadium!

Funky magic at the AACI

The Great Shmoolonzo (he's the one on the left:) )

The main program hall of AACI was packed with over 100 people who came out to celebrate the 4th of July here in Jerusalem. Grandparents, grandchildren, parents and children – not only different age groups but different nationalities too – were mesmerized by Shmoolonzo the Great’s interactive magic show. Despite living in Israel, new and veteran olim alike seem to maintain a strong connection to their American roots. Or at least they’re open to an excuse to watch an exciting magic show.

The last magic student of the great and venerable Doctor Wang Master Magician wows the AACI.