10 glorious days of traveling in Iceland to places with unpronounceable names yet breathtaking beauty.

Sheer bliss in experiencing the natural elements and formations of different landscapes with a group of AACI members sharing their warmth, congeniality and spirit of camaraderie.  Enjoy our pictures on AACI’s facebook.


Have You Considered Iceland?

AACI in conjunction with our official travel agency, Ophir Tours, is pleased to be offering a kosher tour of Iceland from June 13-24, 2011. 

Never heard of anyone you know visiting Iceland? Well, now is your chance to be the first one to know about a great thing. Iceland has long remained an enigma, a vague mix of Vikings and glaciers for the unitiated. However, tourism to Iceland has exploded in the past decade; last year’s eruption of Eyjafjallajokul volcano particularly put Iceland on the map for those people who did not realize that it is less than 5 hours flight from New York. (The New York Times recently rated it the 4th best place in the World to visit in 2011.)

Iceland is an incredible tourist destination, and a great way to get a break from Israel’s scorching-hot summers. First settled in 874 C.E. by Norwegian seafaring people, Iceland is a photographer’s dream land, with clean air, picturesque fishing villages, blue glaciers, fjords, and wildlife. The streets are clean, locals speak fluent English, and, with the downturn of the global economy in 2008, prices are better than ever.

Many people now stop over in Iceland on their way across the Atlantic, but AACI’s 10-day tour allows you  to see the entire expanse of the country with the peace of mind knowing that all aspects of the tour are kosher. Stops will include the famous Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Pingvellir (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and much more driving around the entire island.

For full details regarding the itinerary, please click here:

See this great video about Iceland

For questions, please call David at 02-566-1181 ext. 314.

To book, please call Livia Berman 09-777-7100.

$5990 USD per person for AACI Members

Single supplement: $950 USD
Non-AACI supplement: $75 USD

All photos courtesy of the Iceland Tourist Board.


thanks once again to Katie for this post.