Josie Arbel at The Event

Josie is AACI’s Director of Klitah and Programming.

Watch Josie’s interview on Arutz Sheva about Klitah.


Things to keep in mind when visiting an Israeli office – from Sheila’s Klitah Corner

Sheila’s Klitah Corner is available in full in the printed AACI The Voice magazine, issued every two months. Members of the AACI can also make an appointment to see her, can come in during drop-in hours or reach her by phone during “Hot Line,” Sun.-Thurs. 12:15-1:15pm. 02-566-1181.

  1. Always bring your teudat oleh and/or teuda zeut with you.
  2. Bring original documents and photocopies. Never give originals.
  3. Have cash on you. You never know so best to be prepared.
  4. Call ahead of time to determine the office hours, which documents you need to bring, who should you speak to, etc. And then still bring a drink and a book.
  5. Make sure your information is complete. Try to find out what else you need to know.
  6. Get the names of the clerks that help you and their phone extensions.
  7. Be patient and calm. A friendly smile and attitude will go a long way!
  8. For discounts & benefits, don’t forget to carry your AACI membership card at all times.