A Bargain Hunter’s Delight: the AACI Annual Yard Sale

____________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE:  Post Yard Sale Report (please scroll down if you are here to read the original post) The AACI Yard Sale last Friday was a rousing success. It accomplished both of its worthy goals – raising money for our programs and hosting an enjoyable event. As well as English, lively Hebrew and Russian conversation could […]

AACI VLOG – See You On July 4th in Jerusalem! – S01E08

AACI’s Annual July 4th/Canada Day Celebration & Yard Sale in Jerusalem! Share the video and tag AACI on facebook for a chance to win a FREE book of Activity Tickets for the Fair. (here are the instructions for how to tag us: https://www.facebook.com/help/2180271… Look for AACI Israel https://www.facebook.com/#!/aaci.israel or Association of Americans & Canadians in […]

Getting to Know Us…An Interview with Donna Grushka

Thanks to volunteer, Irv Cantor, we present this second installment of our new “Getting to Know Us” blog series which began in December with an interview with Executive Director, David London. Watch this space for further articles acquainting you with the many members, employees, volunteers and donors who make AACI the place for English-Speakers in […]

Off the Beaten Track

Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Dena Frenkel, an olah chadasha living in Beer Sheva. A version of this post originally appeared in a recent edition of The English Update. As always, the content of this blog represents the opinion of the author and does not represent AACI opinion or policy. My husband and I made aliyah at the end of November 2012. […]

More rave than rant

If this article sounded great to you, don’t miss the next session! AACI Aliyah Conversations for Olim in the Absorption Process Insights into Israeli Life and Culture through Song You are invited to join AACI for our informal Aliyah conversations with olim to discuss the challenges—the highs and lows—you’ve been facing in Israel. Join us on Monday, June 6, at […]