AACI Celebrates the Written Word

In honor of Shavuah Haoleh and Jewish Book Week

Thursday, November 21
15:00 – 19:00 Pre-Chanukah gift, Craft and Book Fair

19:00 Keynote Speaker Professor Moshe Arens
Professor Arens will speak on his oleh experiences and his book
Flags over the Warsaw Ghetto
Cost: 40 NIS/AACI members 25 NIS

Friday, November 22
9:00 – 12:30 Pre-Chanukah gift, Craft and Book Fair

Sunday, November 24
11:00 The Balancing Game; A Child Between Two Worlds, A Society Approaching War, with Dorothea Shefer-Vanson

13:30 Discussing Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, with Judith Oster
(AACI Classic Book Club)
The Art of Reading Poetry, with Judith Oster
Poetry is only made of words – but in very interesting combinations. We will ask “what can it mean?” and “how does it mean?”

16:00 A Tale of Two Avrahams: The Joy of Writing two time periods,
two styles, three countries with Dr. Avraham Avi-hai

18:00 “To Soar or Shatter: Poetry Up, Down, and Bittersweet” Rachel

20:00 Poetry Slam

Monday, November 25
10:30 Readings from Binding Memories by Diane Greenberg, Relatives Once Removed by Brenda Herzberg, and I Want to Grow Backwards by Cassandra Melnik

11:30 “A Writer in Jerusalem” with Dvora Waysman

13:00 “Getting Your Name on the Spine of a Book: How to Write and be Published” with author David L. Young

15:00 10 Steps to Publishing a Paperback or Ebook for Free with
Marcia Goldlist

17:00 Dying to Tell the Story: How Journalists Behave in a Time of War with Ilene Prusher, author of Baghdad Fixer

Cost per day on Sunday and Monday/ poetry slam on Sunday and Monday: 30 NIS / AACI members 20 NIS

Throughout the week: Art Exhibit “Creative Beginnings – Recent Immigrant Artists”

All programs take place at:
AACI – Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center Tel 02-5661181


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