Calling all Children and Teens in Israel!

With Brush & Pen: an Exhibition of Art by Children & Teens in Israel

Do you like to draw or paint … or sculpt … or embroider … or collage … or write … or … ???  Would you like your artwork or story to be seen by hundreds of people? Would you like the chance to win a prize? Then bring your creation to the AACI center to enter it in our Children’s and Teens’ Art Exhibit, “With Brush & Pen.”  But hurry – the deadline is next Sunday, March 11th!

We gratefully acknowledge the generous donation by Gordon Sugarman in memory of Betsy Sugarman   ז”ל to support this program.

Click here for more information about entering the art exhibit.

The exhibition will be open to the public April-May, 2012 at AACI.

The AACI-Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center is at 37 Pierre Koenig/2 Poalei Tzedek, in Talpiot, Jerusalem. Telephone (02)5661181.
Click here for a map.
Buses # 21 & 49 stop on Pierre Koenig across from AACI; 71, 72, 74 & 75 stop  at Tzomet Habankim, a 10-minute walk away.

Reverse Mask: an Art Project for Kids 

Here is a fun artistic activity to get you in the Purim spirit. Usually on Purim we wear masks to disguise our faces, but this reverse mask will show your face and disguise the rest of you.

On the largest sheet of paper you can find: lie down with your arms slightly stretched out and the top of your head at least 5 cm below the top edge of the paper. Have a friend or parent trace your silhouette (outline) with a pencil. Try not to wiggle!

Cut out a hole where the face would be, then decorate your silhouette with paint, markers, glitter, fabric scraps … whatever you want.  Use the decorations to show who you really are, or who you would like to be. Be as creative as you like.

When you are finished, have someone take a picture of you peeking out the face hole of your “self-portrait.” You can print small versions of the photo and use them to decorate your mishloach manos.

Have fun!


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