Chanan Mazal – Art Studio Update, February 2012

UPDATE: An Inside Look at the Exhibit

Opening night was an exciting event. Meeting the artists and hearing them speak about their inspiration and techniques helped me to look at the paintings more thoughtfully. Both Chanan and Ron use layering, for example, which creates texture and depth. I also appreciated the Israeli feeling evident in their art – Ron depicts the landscapes surrounding his home in Kibbutz Urim, while pomegranates, figs and other types of Israel’s Seven Species frequently appear in Chanan’s work.
All in all, a very enjoyable evening and an interesting exhibit.
The exhibit will continue through April 5 at AACI Jerusalem.

Thanks go to KJ Hannah Greenberg for her blog post at the Click here to read it.

Dear friends,

Please come to the opening of the new show in the AACI Gallery on Tuesday evening, February 21 at 6 pm and bring your family and friends.  The artists are Chanan Mazal and Ron Gang – the work looks great and it should be a wonderful show. 

 Instead of having a Gallery Talk on a different evening, both Chanan and Ron preferred to talk in depth about their work at the opening.  Chanan sent me the following blog – it is food for thought and gives us a taste (if you will pardon the pun) of what is in store for us on Tuesday.

 See you there!

Donna Grushka 

map to AACI

Chanan Mazal – Art Studio Update

February 2012


Dear Friends,

I would like to share some of my recent artwork with you.

Last May, at the opening of my show at the Jerusalem Theater, I spoke about the border between ornament and art, and about my exploration of ornament’s potential as a vehicle for emotional and artistic expression. I have found this subject to be even deeper and more gratifying than I had imagined. While applying more and more layers to each painting, I alternatively create denser layers of pattern, or masks to hide or mutate them. Like a toddler building a tower of blocks, building, knocking down, and building again. At the same time, my own levels of raw emotions vacillate with a desire to return to a well behaved and pretty aesthetic. Like the naughty child in Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are”.

My goal is to stop working at that enigmatic point in time when I feel that this tug of war has reached a perfect tie. The war is between impulsive, yet engaging, “bad taste” and refined, pleasing “good taste.” The moment when our tense concentration breaks into a humorous, joyous smile.

I use the power or delicacy of pattern, to counterbalance my deliberately coarse execution of earlier layers; to correct my deliberately imperfect compositions, and to make peace with warring colors. I prefer to initially attack the canvas as quickly as possible, from my gut. Then I patiently, thoughtfully and joyfully build up the painting to that moment of equilibrium. Perhaps we all get gratification from fixing broken things.

When artists paint portraits of others, in a sense they are always painting themselves. Likewise, I feel that even when I paint the most neutral of objects, these works reflect my own search for self identity. Our teenage self definitions get redefined over time, as we mature, change our family and work roles, and re clarify our values.

I find that self humor is a great tool. Perhaps that is why so many of my works contain either a well balanced, symmetrically placed object, over a joyfully chaotic undercoat, or impossibly off balanced bowls, about to roll off of the canvas.

If any of you folks are here in Jerusalem, please join me next Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the opening of my newest exhibition at the AACI. Details below.

Best regards,


Chanan Mazal

C. Mazal Art Ltd.

11 Rivka St.

Jerusalem 93461


Tel (972)2-6719715

Fax (972)2-6719779

Mobile 054-6374751


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