Reflections — Four Artists View Their Worlds

by guest contributor Laura Firszt

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Entering AACI’s new offices is a pleasant surprise – the premises feel bright and functional but not sterile. The walls are enhanced with the colorful works of four exciting Israeli artists. The impression is of visiting different areas of our country; the widely varied styles of the artists seem to reflect the variety of landscapes and people in Israel.

Shoshana Meerkin’s watercolors delicately depict light and shade. Many of her paintings embody a theme of Israeli doors and windows, often partly open, inviting the viewer to imagine what lies beyond. Similarly, in “Let’s Go There,” two elderly women sit on a seaside bench, backs to the viewer. Despite their relaxed pose, their attention to the sun-dappled boats in front of them creates a sense of forward motion and thought.

The rich bright colors of Ruth Gesser’s oil paintings portray the almost jungle-like exuberance of Israeli gardens. Her watercolors seem drenched in the intense sunlight that is so characteristic of summer in this country. A versatile artist, she also combines watercolors and watercolor pastels to create intriguing semi-abstract works.

Ruth Keusch uses oils to create paintings of human figures or flowers with strong, almost harsh lines. In true Israeli fashion, she is rigorously honest, yet sympathetic, in her interaction with her subjects. As well, she produces earthy sculptures. In the words of one of the viewers of her exhibit: “Exciting!”

Esther Weiser Kreisman combines her traditional art school background with modern technology to produce big bold “urban landscapes.” Photographs of a scene at various times of day are melded to create paintings that are alive with motion and energy, from the lighthearted, bright “Coca Cola Beach Tel Aviv,” to the fluid familiar/unfamiliar feeling given by “Jerusalem 2008.”

Many of the original paintings, as well as posters and giclee reproductions, are for sale. A percentage of all sales will be donated to the AACI.

The works will be on display until February 15, 2012 and are open to the public free of charge during AACI’s opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm and some evenings.

A gallery talk from 6-8 pm this Sunday, January 22nd, will allow art lovers to hear the artists discuss their works and their creative process, followed by a question period.

Phone 02-5661181 for hours and directions or check our website:
A new exhibit is presented approximately every six weeks, making the works of contemporary Israeli artists easily accessible to the general public.

Welcome to our newest guest Blogger, Laura Firszt. We hope to be reading lots more from Laura on a regular basis.


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