Distribution of Gas Masks

January 9, 2012 – Thanks to Alan Schleider for this updated information:

“I now have better information.  *171 is indeed out of service but *2237 is working but it is a very long wait.  You might have better luck trying the web site, http://www.israelpost.co.il/oref-calls.nsf/callme3?openform

originally published in the September-October 2011 edition of AACI’s VOICE

The Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref) had announced that you can get your masks delivered via The Israel Postal Courier Service to a convenient address.  


Orders can be made by telephone to the distribution center between 07:00-22:00 and on Friday between 7:00-14:00. Dial *171 or *2237 for someone to contact you.

Date of delivery will be determined in coordination with the client. Delivery cost is NIS 25 per household. To leave contact details use this link:

Gas Masks will be provided at no cost for all eligible residents.

Residents who have not returned their old gas masks will be required during the distribution period to return them, or if lost, will be required to pay.

There are plans for a free program for those who are homebound, living in special institutions for health reasons defined by the Home Front Command in cooperation with relevant ministries. 


Note to the Public: The above is a service notice and by no means should be taken as a sign of imminent danger and to cause alarm to the residents of Israel


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