Jewish Art – But Probably Not What You’d Expect!

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Many people relegate art with a strong Jewish connotation to a niche of works dealing with usually old-fashioned portraits of rabbis, the Kotel or texts involving the Hebrew scribal letters. But there are artists who have different intentions and aspirations. Among them are Dov Lederberg and his wife Yael Avi-Yonah who have been creating for over three decades in Jerusalem innovative, even cutting-edge, art works with a deep spiritual and meditational impact.

Each of the artists with his/her unique style attempts to render with their art an interactive and even surprisingly mystic experience.

Avi-Yonah uses metal plates as a base upon which she constructs hologramic collages and airbrush paintings which render a sensation of “movement” when the viewer passes by. Her paintings on canvas in combination with 3-D anaglypic glasses create outbursts of visual energy or enable the eye to discover different pictures (multiplexing) hidden in the painting, according to right brain or left brain configurations.

Lederberg’s work is influenced by modern “gestalt” theory in psychology and his airbrushed paintings invite the viewer to find images and forms “emerging” from the chaos. As an option he enables the viewer to use 3-D Avatar polaroid glasses to achieve an unusual sensation of depth.

Avi-Yonah, born in Jerusalem, is a graduate of Bezalel Art College. She is the Israeli representative of the World Kinetic Art association. Lederberg, originally an underground film-maker and video art creator, studied at Haverford College and Columbia University. Both are members of the Israel Artists Association and have made many exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel and abroad.

The couple are currently exhibiting until the end of December their new work:


at the AACI (Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel) Max & Gianna Glassman Center at 37 Pierre Koenig, Talpiot.


2 thoughts on “Jewish Art – But Probably Not What You’d Expect!

  1. i read and reaally impressed from your topic about Jawish art.I ts really fantastic and wonder full.So Thanks for sharing….

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