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Thanks to AACI Life Member Tzvi Torem for sharing this information, from the press on August 9, 2011 previously published in the November-December edition of the VOICE:

No exit fees for TV, internet, phone, & international calling

By Mr. Matzliach

Exit fees are going extinct.  Soon there will be no fees to leave your TV, internet, phone, and international calling providers!


A new law was passed which will help both new and existing customers of a variety of services.  In addition to the reduced fines for breaking your cellular phone contract, you’ll soon be able to quit many other contracts without overwhelming penalties.

Affected industries

  • Cable / satellite
  • Internet suppliers
  • Landline phone
  • International phone


New customers

  • Takes effect: As soon as the law is officially published (targeted for early September) it will effect new customers.
  • Exit fees: There will be no exit fees whatsoever.
  • Equipment: Any equipment purchased through the provider can be paid out over the previously agreed period; full payment cannot be demanded immediately.


Existing customers

  • Takes effect: Three months after the law takes effect, existing customers will also benefit.
  • Exit fees: There will be a significant reduction. Fees will be limited to the average of your monthly bills x 8% x the number of months left in your contract. (This is the same formula used by all customers to break mobile phone contracts.)
  • Equipment: Any equipment purchased through the provider can be paid out over the previously period; full payment cannot be demanded immediately.


This change potentially puts power in the hands of consumers.  So, use your new consumer rights to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal!

– – – –

And thanks to member Shimon Arbel for this website (Hebrew only) that allows you to disconnect from these services on-line:

– – – –

Egged invites its passengers to benefit from the Rav- Kav Card

Courtesy of the EGGED WEBSITE

Residents of Jerusalem, Gush Dan, Karmi’el, Sharon Region, Rehovot and North Region can ride all buses using a Rav-Kav card.

The Rav- Kav card, electronic reloadable smart ticket for continuous usage, bears a photograph and name of its owner, is intended to replace all the different types of public transportation tickets and cards. The Rav-Kav can be charged with due account of any discounts that its owner is entitled to.
Passengers who apply for the card should produce the application form (which can be downloaded along with photograph, ID card and discount certificate (e.g. that of a senior citizen, student) if available. In order to provide you with a better and more efficient customer service, we recommend you arrive at the service stand with all above documents.

Upon issuing, the Rav – Kav can be recharged on board quickly and easily with the amount corresponding to the price of the free passage monthly ticket card (Khofshi Khodshi) bearing the appropriate code or regular multiple ticket card (kartisiya).

In addition, an “anonymous” Rav – Kav card without a picture of the owner can be received from a driver and then can be charged with the price of a regular ticket

In case of loss, theft or damage, fill out the application form and bring it along with the ID card and discount certificate (if available) to the Rav – Kav service stand. Your details will be entered into our database and transferred to the Public Appeals Department, whereupon a new card will be issued. The new card issuing fee is NIS 10

Rav Kav Service Points:

Service Points in Jerusalem   Opening  Hours
Jerusalem CBS (opposite to platform No.22) Sun – Thu 07:00- 20:00 | Fri 07:00 – 14:00
Jerusalem, Rav Shefa Mall (2nd floor) Sun – Thu 14:00- 21:00 | Fri 09:00 – 14:00
Jerusalem, Ramot Community Center (Matnas) Sun – Thu 12:00- 21:00 | Fri 08:00 – 13:00
Jerusalem, Giv’at Masu’a Sun – Thu 12:00- 21:00 | Fri 09:00 – 13:00

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