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MAY 30 – JULY 21, 2011 

If you don’t have time or money to travel this summer – or even if you do! – here is your opportunity to view people and places that many of us will never see. Five talented photographers are sharing with us what they have viewed through the lens of their cameras –breathtaking landscapes, close-up views of nature’s miracles, familiar locations in Israel, exotic destinations that stimulate our imaginations. They lead us visually to China, Vietnam, Turkey, Peru, Czech Republic, Thailand, Italy and Portugal as well as the byways of the U.S. We view the innocence of children and the wisdom of old age, children at play, people at work, the encounter between cultures.

Our five photographers are:

Rick Blumsack made aliyah from Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2009.

Eddie Friedman was born in Czechoslovakia, the son of Holocaust survivors, moved to the U.S. as a child, and made aliyah in 2007 from Los Angeles.

Rebecca Kowalsky is a mother of 6 who made aliyah from Chicago in 1985.

Yonit Schiller, who made aliyah in 2006 from Buffalo, NY, received her first camera at age 11 from her father.

Meir Zarovsky a veteran oleh from Los Angeles also learned photography from his father.

 25% of all sales will be donated to AACI.

What unites them is passion – for exploring new places and cultures and sharing their discovered world with others, for capturing the essence and the emotion of their subjects, for recording and preserving memories, for translating beauty into an image, for finding meaning in every object, experience, and encounter. Some of these photographs show us people and places we’ve never seen, others help us discover unknown aspects of things we see all the time. And in discovering the hitherto unknown or unseen we discover new truths about ourselves and our world – the complex beauty of a flower, the serenity of a sunset, the refreshing joy of cold water on tired feet, the harsh reality of divisions between peoples – barbed wire, sadly, appears in more than one photograph. At the end – if we are lucky – we are in awe of what the camera has revealed and grateful to those who shared their visions with us.

So open your eyes and your heart – the journey is about to begin!

AACI-Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center
Corner of 37 Pierre Koenig/2 Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot

POB 53349, Jerusalem 91533

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Rick Blumsack



Rick Blumsack made aliyah from Cambridge,Massachusetts in 2009.

A serious photographer for over 10 years, he strives to capture poignant or humorous moments from simple encounters with people, wildlife and our surroundings.


His photographs have been exhibited in numerous and diverse venues in the Northeast United States, including:

The Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, VT
The Stebbins Gallery in Cambridge, MA
Gallery 1581 in Brookline, MA
Johnny D’s Uptown in Somerville, MA
Harvard University

This is Rick’s first live exhibition in Israel. As a member of the media unit of the Israel (American) Football League, he is a frequent contributor to the sports pages of the Jerusalem Post.


Rick lives in Baka with his wife Debbie (Miller), their daughter Ilana, and their dog Sheleg.

More of Rick’s work can be seen at www.rickblumsack.com .




I was born in Czechoslovakia to parents who survived the Holocaust. My parents had less than half a dozen photos left after World War II, a fact that had a strong impact on my life.

Photos are a vital documentation of our experiences, our culture, our history and most importantly our memories. Ever since I came to America in 1958, I have been intrigued by the capturing of memories and moments in time on film.

Freezing images in an artistic and expressive way, recording and preserving memories, telling a story and sharing it with others; all of these are a deep passion of mine. Beauty is all around me waiting to be captured. Translating this beauty into an image brings me much fulfillment and satisfaction.

As a result of what happened to the Jewish people in the past decades, I feel challenged to show others who my people are – their culture, their religion, their expressions.

My role as a group leader for students visiting the death camps of Poland gave me the opportunity to portray the Shoah through their eyes; I have also done exhibits reflecting Jewish life, observance, rituals and portraitures. My deep love for the land and people of Israel motivates me to look for ways to present both its ancient and modern images. In this current exhibit, I have chosen to focus on Israel’s landscape and natural beauty.

In order to view the full scope of my work, you are welcome to visit my website at www.eddiefriedman.com

Eddie’s photographs are for sale.  Please contact him at info@eddiefriedman.com


Rebecca (Nathan) Kowalsky made Aliyah to Israel from Chicago, in 1985, with her husband Yossi.  They live in Efrat, in the Gush Etzion region.

Rebecca has loved photography ever since taking her first course in high school.  In recent years her involvement in professional photography has grown and deepened.  Throughout the years, Rebecca’s passion for photography has never ebbed, even while raising six children, and being a key player in the management of her husband’s full-time dental clinic.

Rebecca has pursued black and white photography (including doing her own darkroom development) as well as color and digital photography.

Rebecca is drawn to artistic landscape photography – specifically the human landscape as demonstrated in this exhibit of scenes from all over the world.  Rebecca is also a sought after photographer of events, projects, smachot, and portraiture in the greater Jerusalem area, and all of Israel.

Serving as staff photographer for the Gush Etzion “Raise Your Spirits Summer Stock Company” she has photographed all of their productions, including “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,”  “Esther and the Secrets of the King’s Court,” “Noach, Ride the Wave,”  “Ruth,” “Courage”, and “Judge – The Song of Devora.”

Rebecca recently published a unique artistic Birkon: “The Land of Israel” Birkon –

עת כי אפתח פי which can be viewed and purchased online.

Whether she is dashing off to a workshop to hone her skills, or pulling off the road to capture that amazing sunset, Rebecca’s photography has evolved into a means to share her world with others.  Photography is Rebecca’s passion and profession as is exhibited in her love of and energy for what she does.

Please feel free to enjoy more of Rebecca’s photography at her website, www.imagesthroughtime.com

Rebecca’s photographs are for sale.  Please contact her at 054-5932049 or photos@imagesthroughtime.com.



Yonit Schiller’s passion for photography was ignited at the age of 11, when her father gave her a simple Kodak 35mm “point and shoot” camera with an introductory book on the art as a gift.  A few years later, while in high school, Yonit received formal training in film photography and inherited her father’s decades old Konica SLR.

Yonit endeavors to go beyond merely documenting images of people and places.  Instead, she strives to capture the persona and emotion of her human subjects.  In an era in which our own routine can become all too familiar, the camera lens serves as a tool, enabling Yonit to become an adept observer of her surroundings and affords her the opportunity to explore the sentient world.

The series of photographs exhibited are a glimpse into some of these experiences, and highlight the following countries:  Czech Republic, Egypt, Israel, Peru, Republic of China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Subsequent to making aliyah in 2006, Yonit apprenticed for several months with a local wedding photographer, and soon thereafter started her own business shooting events and documentary projects.  Photography assignments have led Yonit to destinations around the globe, and her work has been published in the National Geographic Magazine, Jerusalem Post, and Presentense Magazine.

These images are for sale.  Please contact Yonit for more information including prices, format, etc.   yonit.schiller@gmail.com


Meir Zarovsky

Here’s the picture…

I’m traveling alone with my camera in an unfamiliar and faraway place. Everything comes together with awe-inspiring ease, — the novelty, a kaleidoscopic array of enticing sights and sounds and smells, the heightened sense of a little risk, total anonymity, a bounty of unburdened time.

This is the closest thing I’ve ever known to a religious experience.

There’s an ambience all your own. Anything you think of as essential to making beautiful images – great gear, the beat angle, the optimum camera settings,  are all secondary in importance to just being there. Body and soul.

These photographs were all taken in the last eight years on various trips to a variety of places in Turkey. On each trip I felt more and more at home in a foreign culture. The people I observed and met and photographed were overwhelmingly gracious and tolerant of my plying their neighborhoods for inspiring images.

The pictures I chose to exhibit were chosen because I felt they showed both the exotic and the familiar at the same time. Each image shows something you’ve never seen before, but know so well.

I am one of the lucky ones who discovers at an early age his true life’s calling. Photography has been a dominant force in my life since, at age16, living in Los Angeles, I inherited my father’s twin lens reflex camera that shot large square negatives. Not long after that, when I made my first black and white print in a darkroom, I was hit from behind by the memory of being 6 years old in my father’s make-shift garage darkroom, and watching a white piece of paper become a picture in what looked like a tray of water. It was an “ahhhhh” moment if ever there was.

Today, in the middle of a long career as an events and artistic photographer in Jerusalem, I still say that  —-  ‘ahhhhh”, the silence that encompasses all words.

And that is all I want to say…..

Meir Zarovsky’s photographs are for sale for NIS 300. 

Write to Meir at mzarovsky@yahoo.com

25% of all sales will be donated to AACI.



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