No Fuss, No Muss: AACI’s Pesach Walking Tours

Mount of Olives

Not sure what to do with your kids while they are off from school?

Need a breather from family members coming to visit?

AACI is pleased to announce once again our very comprehensive list of Pesach walking tours.


Whether you are a long-time resident, oleh chadash, or you have extended family coming for a visit, AACI’s walking tours provide a great opportunity to get out for a bit of exercise and learn about our historic, holy city in the comfort of a group with a knowledgeable guide.

Each tour is tailored to a theme that will explore the incredible history behind each site or neighborhood, with an emphasis on understanding the importance that these sites continue to play today.

Temple Mount

Understand the role that King Herod played in expanding the Temple Mount, and see the magnificent tile work and gold dome up close in the comfort and safety of a group during the April 17 Temple Mount Tour.

Hinom Valley

Learn the history of the Hinom Valley and the role that the City of David played as the original settlement in Jerusalem on the Gihon Spring over 5,000 years ago during the the April 21 Hinom Valley & City of David Tour.

City of David

Machane Yehuda

Did you know that Nachlaot was one of two of the original Jerusalem neighborhoods outside of the Old City walls, founded by Moshe Montefiore at the end of the 19th Century? Come and see one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the heart of Jerusalem on the April 26 (Isruchag) Nachlaot & Mahane Yehuda Tour.

Machane Yehuda

See Ein Kerem, a site whose history dates back to the reign of King Hezekiah (716-697 B.C.E). Venerated today by Christians as the site of John the Baptist, Ein Kerem is a quaint village filled with cafes and art galleries in the heart of the Jerusalem Valley. Take a break from hectic pace of Jerusalem on the April 26 (Isruchag) Ein Kerem Tour.

For more details on this and other tours, please see the complete tour listings:



All tours last 2.5-3.5 hours. The cost is NIS 35 for AACI members, NIS 45 for non-members (unless stated otherwise). Children aged 5 and under are free, and there is a family discount price of NIS 120/150 for families of 4 or more. Participants pay entrance fees, if any. Responsibility for each tour is in the hands of the individual tour guide leading that tour. No reservations are required, but a tour will not take place if there are fewer than 3 participants.

For further information about a particular tour, please call the guide listed in the tour details directly. Tours are subject to change.

Thanks go to Katie for this post.


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