AACI Annual General Meeting with Tal Agassi as our Keynote Speaker

AACI’s Annual General Meeting!

You don’t have to be a “Big Shot” to attend…The annual general meeting is an important part of our non-profit’s self-governance, and we invite all AACI members to come out and participate in this important process.

This upcoming Tuesday, January 25th AACI is hosting its annual general meeting starting at 6:30pm (refreshments from 6pm) at the Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center in Talpiot.




The agenda includes:

-a keynote address by Tal Agassi, Vice President of Better Place (Electric Car Company). Members who participated in the AACI tour of Better Place last fall will know that this is an Israeli-owned company truly at the forefront of developing alternative sustainable forms of transportation for our ever-changing world;

-reports from AACI President, Asa Cohen; AACI Executive Director, David London; and AACI Treasurer, Judy Ann Cohen;


-the presentation of “Volunteer of the Year” awards to four deserving members for their innovation, dedication, and support of AACI at each of our locations around the country;


-voting on proposed amendments to the AACI constitution; please see click here for details: ttp://www.aaci.org.il/articlenav.php?id=239


-the election and installation of proposed board members, officers, and committee chairs for 2011; (please email frontdesk@aaci.org.il to make a recommendation)


Pre-registration is requested. Please call one of our front desk volunteers at 02-566-1181.


Suggested donation:
10 NIS for members
20 NIS for non-members



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