A Shepherd’s Journey from the Galilee to the Foreign Ministry

“If you will it, it is no dream.” – Theodore Herzl

One of our goals at AACI is to introduce our members to the incredible array of people who have positively impacted Israeli society. One of these individuals is most definitely Ishmael Khaldi, Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat. AACI Jerusalem is pleased to welcome Ishmael Khaldi to the Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center in Talpiot this Wednesday, January 12th at 7pm. For registration, please call one our volunteers at the front desk: 02-566-1181.

Ishmael Khaldi was one of 11 children raised in tradional Bedouin family in a remote village in the Galilee. The family lived in a simple, two-room tent without electricity or running water for the first eight years of Khaldi’s life. Bedouins enjoy a unique history and culture, one of the most important tenets of which is that Bedouin hospitality calls for the unconditional respect of others. As a boy, Khaldi often dreamed of a different life. He recalls his grandmother, Nof, telling stories about life working alongside Israel’s first pioneers…sharing the trials and tribulations of the land.

Despite such simple upbringings, Khaldi defied the odds and went on to earn an M.A. in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces, before taking a job with the Israeli Defense Ministry and the Israeli Police Force. Khaldi was then selected to represent Israel in the Foreign Ministry, where he functioned as the Deputy Consul General of Israel for San Francisco from 2006-2009.

Khaldi’s new memoir is “A Shepherd’s Journey: the Story of Israel’s First Bedouin Diplomat.” (2010) The memoir explores how his unique background has brought remarkable perspective to his professional and personal relationships with Jews, Muslims, and Christians. His experience working in North America and the Middle East have made him an invaluable resource for understanding the complex dimensions of life in Israel. Above all else, Khaldi speaks to groups about how one should not be defined by their circumstances,

“I am a Bedouin and Bedouins are Muslims … (but I am) an Israeli above everything.” -Ishmael Khaldi

Ishmael Khaldi: A Shepherd’s Journey

Wednesday, January 12 @ 7pm
AACI Glassman Family Center (Jerusalem)
37 Pierre Koenig/2 Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot

30 NIS for members
40 NIS for non-members


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