And All that Jazz!

Good news! You don’t need to hop on a flight to New Orleans this week to enjoy live traditional Dixieland and contemporary jazz. You only need to go as far as the AACI – Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, October 28 at 8 pm. The P.J. Jazz Ensemble, a group of talented musicians, will be performing “Jazz in the Night,” an evening of jazz, swing, blues and Latin music.

Ensemble member Harvey Benson, drummer and percussionist, grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and made aliyah in 1986. He describes the music of the P.J. Jazz Ensemble (known as “Pzazz Jazz” to their fans), as “Everybody’s jazz. Foot tapping jazz. Not avant-garde, but jazz from such greats as Louie Armstrong and Sophie Tucker.”

Benson noted that members of the band, who have played together for several years, mostly in the Sharon area, are very excited to be playing in Jerusalem this week. There is a strong musical connection between the septet. Five of the musicians are olim including Benson, Roy Rich (guitar), Evy Tamary (piano) and vocalists Marilyn Benson and Dorit Sapir. Sabra members include Shai Ophir (soprano, alto and tenor sax) and David Machness (bass). The ensemble is pleased to welcome special guest Amnon Ben Artzi on the trombone.

“A lot of effort went in to making this concert special. We built a special set and will transport the unique club atmosphere with us,” Benson reports. “It will be a first class concert.”

Join the fun and let your “cares that hung around you through the week, vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak.” You will be “in heaven” singing and humming along with the P.J. Jazz Ensemble on Thursday!  (Thank you, Louie Armstrong – “Dancing Cheek to Cheek”).

For tickets, please call AACI 02-566-1181. Cost: AACI members NIS 45/non-members NIS 55.



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