AACI Sukkot Walking Tours – Don’t Miss Out!

Where was Jerusalem’s first tennis court? Who is buried in the ancient cave tombs from the time of the First and Second Temples? Where did Theodor Herzl stay when he visited Jerusalem? Who hung out on Emek Refaim before the current patrons of the cafés and restaurants? What does Jerusalem look like from the Bridge of Strings?

Sukkot is the perfect time to get to know Jerusalem intimately by walking the stones, pavements, streets and alleyways of this magnificent city. AACI offers 24 walking tours guided by English-speaking licensed tour guides beginning Erev Sukkot, Wednesday, Sept. 22nd and continuing through Isru Chag, Friday, Oct. 1st.

Discover or rediscover Jerusalem neighborhoods and historical sites in both the old and new city. Whether you’re visiting Jerusalem for the holiday, a new immigrant or a long time citizen of the city, there’s something of interest for everyone and for all ages. Even if you know the city and its history well, there are tours that provide a unique perspective. You can “Follow in the Footsteps of the Women of Jerusalem” who added to the richness of life in the city or join the “Jerusalem Medicine Tour” and learn about the development of Jerusalem’s health care system through historic, geopolitical and anecdotal stores along Hanevi’im Street.

Carol Kaplan, a tour guide and one of the program organizers, explains that an added advantage of an AACI walking tour is the chevrah (group or congregation). Olim chadashim (new immigrants) can mix with vatikim (long-time residents). AACI members can connect with one another, and tourists can meet English-speaking veteran Israelis.

The complete list of tours with a detailed description of the itinerary can be found on the AACI website. The tours last 2 ½- 3 ½ hours. The cost is NIS 35 for AACI members, NIS 45 for non-members (unless stated otherwise). Children aged 5 and under are free, and there is a family discount price of NIS 120/150 for families of 4 or more. Participants pay entrance fees, if any. Responsibility for each tour is in the hands of the individual tour guide leading that tour. Tours are subject to change.

A tour will not take place if there are fewer than 3 participants so it’s best to call ahead and tell the guide that you are planning to participate. The guide’s name and telephone number is listed after the description of each tour.

So put on your comfortable walking shoes, bring water and your enthusiasm! For more information or questions, call Carol Kaplan 054-522-1665, 02-671-3770.

Chag Sukkot Sameach!



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