Diana Barshaw’s photo of a beach along the Israel National Trail

This is the photograph you saw over the last couple of weeks as the AACI Blog header (here is the full version – didn’t know there was a dog in there, right?):

It is taken by Diana Barshaw. It is on the Mediterranean coast at high tide, past Netanya, on the Israel National Trail. As she pointed out, “not that many people know that much of the Israeli coast is wild and isolated from the built up areas by cliffs.”

Diana, who has lived in Israel for 20 years, has a monthly column in the Jerusalem Post about wildlife in Israel. She has recently decided to hike the whole Israel National Trail and is keeping track of her experiences on her website. Her site also has a section about the gardening she does at her home in Haifa using only water that has been used already (mainly from laundry).

Thank you so much Diana for sharing this beautiful photograph of Israel with us.

Email us if you’d like to see one of your photographs of Israel used as the blog header. aaci@aaci.org.il


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