Travel information from Sheila’s Klitah Corner

This was last updated on June 2010

Passports/Travel Documents

Israel from the sky (by Deena)

Keep your Israeli passports or travel documents and American/Canadian passports up to date.

If you are not yet an Israeli citizen, you may travel abroad using your foreign passport for the first three months from your date of aliyah.

Once you become an Israeli citizen (three months after your aliyah date) you need to arrange your first Israeli Travel Document, a Teudat Ma’avar. It takes about two weeks to receive it from the Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPnim).  The Teudat Ma’avar is valid for up to two years. When leaving and entering Israel, you must show your valid foreign passport and your Teudat Ma’avar.

Once you have physically resided in Israel for one year from your aliyah date, you may apply for an Israeli passport – darkon.  Keep it up to date.

Permanent Residents must have a visa stamp in their foreign passport confirming their status. This stamp is obtainable at Misrad HaPnim.

Army Exit Permit

New Olim and vatikim no longer need to obtain an exit permit from the Army Draft Board (Lishkat HaGiyus) before traveling abroad.  However, if you have a call up date (tzav giyus), you must return to Israel 3 days before that date.  Olim should make sure that their mailing address in their Teudat Zehut is up to date so that they are aware of any order sent by the army.  If one wishes to check with the army for clarifications, please contact your local Lishkat HaGiyus:

Jerusalem 103 Rechov Rashi, Jlm 94391 02-5007000
Tel Aviv & Center Tel HaShomer 03-7376869
Haifa 12 Rechov Omar Kayam, Haifa 33093 04-8600700
Beer Sheva 22 Rechov Yad VaShem, Beer Sheva 84419 08-6650060

Travel Agent

A good, trustworthy travel agent is a must.  AACI suggests Ophir Tours, AACI Travel Experience.  Travel insurance is recommended.

Foreign Currency

Israelis are permitted to have foreign currency accounts in Israel and abroad and to buy, sell and own property abroad.  There are no longer any restrictions on taking foreign currency out of the country.  It is also permitted to transfer money from Israel to an account abroad.


Keep old expired passports and all documents, including photocopies of them, as proof of exits and entrances to Israel.  If you leave Israel for an extended period of time, this information will be needed to freeze your rights.

AACI counselors are available to discuss travel issues.

Have a nice trip! Nesia Tova!


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