Binyamin Bauman’s photo of view after exiting Yad Vashem

This was the header on the blog over the last week:

Curious what the full photograph looks like?

Photo by Binyamin Bauman in Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

This photograph is of visitors contemplating the mind-blowing experience they just had while taking in the incredible view from the platform immediately after emerging from Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

During the day, Binyamin Bauman, the photographer, is Director of Operations for IDT Telecom’s Net2Phone division. He is also the founder of Elegant Hippo (an iPhone app and web development business), and a very amateur photographer. His personal website is hereBinyamin and his wife Rivka can’t wait to join their parents in Israel.

Thank you so much, Binyamin, for sharing your beautiful photograph with the AACI blog.

And to everyone else, please send in your photographs and they might be displayed for a week as our header with a short blurb about you/the picture right here. Email Thanks!


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