The cabbie from the airport by Ruth Cohn

Ruth and Moshe jeeping it up, down in Eilat

Ruth Cohn, a life member of the AACI, shared this touching story about the day her and her husband Moshe landed in Israel after making aliyah. The story, told by Ruth, and their aliyah, takes place in March of 1997.

As is usual when making aliyah, we were offered a free taxi ride to our destination (in our case, Jerusalem). We had loads of luggage and the long haired young taxi driver didn’t mind all the pekelech [packages] we had brought. We were worried about how we would get all our belongings up into the flat at our destination (there was no elevator). We agreed a price with him for him to help us with our luggage.

When we arrived at our destination, true to his word, our taxi driver helped us carry up our belongings to the apartment.  We relaxed as he brought up the cases and pekelech. Moshe handed him an envelope – the price we had agreed on.  He firmly returned it.

“Did you think I would take money for doing this Mitzvah, helping a couple who have just made aliyah?  Wishing you an easy klitah [absorption],” and with that he firmly closed the door and left, our young secular taxi driver.

What an amazing start to life in Israel.

(Although this is not strictly an AACI aliyah story – going on AACI Study Tours certainly helped us get to know our wonderful country. These tours were very well planned giving us the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.)


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