Ahava Rabba at the AACI

I recently spoke on the phone with Micki Lavin-Pell. She, along with Yehoshua Rubin (more about each of them at the bottom of this post), through the organizations Ahava Rabba, Young Israel in Israel, Shalshelet and AACI will be hosting a mega event for Orthodox singles at the AACI on Thursday, July 29th.

Micki explained that although there is no lack of parties and other social get-togethers where Orthodox singles can potentially meet, most of these events have different drawbacks. Some are not exclusively for Orthodox Jews. Some lack someone facilitating people meeting. She described the familiar scene of guys in one corner and girls in the other and “never shall they meet.”

Ah, but what about the singles events where there are facilitators; matchmakers who are introducing people to each other? Micki said that often this ends up being very uncomfortable for the singles who feel like they are just being thrown together.

Instead, at this mega event, a wide range of stimulating conversation topics will be brought forward. There will be “organized mingling,” including ice breakers to help people connect on different topics. The event is set up in a way that you will be able to meet a lot of different people, and different kinds of people, that evening.

There will also be a workshop to help people move their dates forward. “People do the same thing over and over again,” explained Micki. The workshop will help people answer the question: What might I need to be doing differently to create a different result, to create a relationship?

The event will end with a musical performance by Yehoshua Rubin and Maury Epstein. There will be food from Holy Bagels and people will be welcome to stay and continue talking.

For those who could benefit from something a little more conventional, there will also be Shalshelet matchmakers there. Micki explained that at Shalshelet they train shadchanim to improve how they do their work so it is done with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

We all hope this is an event of a different nature that will be enjoyable and helpful to all who choose to attend.

Micki Lavin-Pell is a marriage and family therapist. She primarily works with people who want to get married but something is stopping them and with new couples who want to get their marriage started on the right foot. She wants to prevent people getting to 20 years of marriage only to say that they don’t know how to have a regular conversation. You can contact her at mgpell@gmail.com, 052-528-2757

Yehoshua Rubin: Using Ahava Rabba’s Dating Methods, 28 people have gotten married. Rabbi Yehoshua Rubin Founder and Director of Ahavarabba.co.il helps daters clarify what is their dating pattern and then coaches them with new dating stratigies so they can date to marriage. Rabbi Rubin is a Dating Coach and a guidance counselor with an M.S. in Educational Psychology.

Check out the websites of the organizations involved in this event: www.ahavarabba.co.il/www.shalshelet.net.


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