Sheila’s Klitah Corner

Sheila’s Klitah Corner is available in full in the printed AACI The Voice magazine, issued every two months. Members of the AACI can also make an appointment to see her, can come in during drop-in hours or reach her by phone during “Hot Line,” Sun.-Thurs. 12:15-1:15pm. 02-566-1181.

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American passports in New York

Will you be in NY at some point? Now you can apply for/renew your American passport at almost any post office. Just find out about the specific office and give six weeks for the process.

Distribution of gas masks has begun

The Home Front Command (Pikud Ha’oref) is offering to deliver your gas masks via the Israel Postal Courier Service. Delivery will cost 25NIS per household.

To order, dial 171 on Sun.-Thurs. between 7:00-22:00 and on Fri. 7:00-14:00. You can also go to Leave your contact information and someone will get back to you.

Gas masks are free for residents. When your new gas masks are delivered, you need to return old ones if you haven’t already (or pay for them if they are lost). There is a special program for people who are homebound or in certain living situations.

Note: This should not be taken as a sign of imminent danger. It is only a service notice.

Do you want to vote in this year’s USA midterm election?

If you are American and want to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, go to Voting is based on your last address in the USA. General election for all states will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. All seats for Congress and 36 seats for Senate are up for election. For more information, email Andee Goldman at

Transportation information

Traffic rules through the Old City have changed. The entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem via Jaffa Gate will be prohibited to private cars during the day, announced the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Transportation.

Between 9:00am-6:00pm, entrance of private cars into the Old City will be permitted to residents of the Old City or disabled/handicapped people. Between 6:00pm-9:00am all cars are allowed to travel through.

If you are a supplier or service provider, call *2180 to issue a special entrance permit.


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